Friday, August 5, 2011

ASX Snapshot from Friday. 6 Highs and guess how many 52 rolling year lows reached?


Ok here we go: 6 highs

Of the 30 companies who presented this week at diggers and dealers 6 got smacked

Here is Friday’s snapshot . One of the biggest lows hit was Onthehouse who listed about 2 months ago at A$1.00. Wilson HTM were the broker and stuffed their in house unit trust’s with millions of shares. They earnt a big fat fee you see!! Low of 37.5 cents yesterday.

Now on Thursday there were 99  52 week rolling lows reached.

Want to know how many were reached on Friday? 200? 250? 400?

Well click here to see all shares, company options etc for the magic number.

If you strip down all equities and just look at ordinary shares, then they look like this

Industrial ordinary shares or Mining and Oil ordinary shares

Now, if you can’t win 10 bucks, with a bet at the golf club bar on all this knowledge, then you should re think your financial path!!!

Cheers and tears


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